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Tanzania: a true African experience

Tanzania is a beautiful African country offering an exciting mix of cultures dwelling a landscape made of pristine beaches, lush forests, and savannahs full of wildlife. It will be a true paradise for those who enjoy spending their holidays close to Mother Nature. Tanzania can boast amazing national parks, game reserves, and tranquil hideouts that will soothe the hearts of the most experienced globetrotters.

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Tanzania Road Trip Tanzania Road Trip

Tanzania Road Trip

Africa - Tanzania
4,753 km 50 km/h 25 days roadtrip
Safaris Panoramic Road Safaris Panoramic Road

Safaris Panoramic Road

Africa - Kenya
2,388 km 43 km/h 21 days roadtrip
Out of Africa Road Trip Out of Africa Road Trip

Out of Africa Road Trip

Africa - Tanzania
4,391 km 61 km/h 21 days roadtrip
Victoria Lake Loop Road Trip Victoria Lake Loop Road Trip

Victoria Lake Loop Road Trip

Africa - Kenya
3,010 km 48 km/h 20 days roadtrip
West Tanzania Road Trip West Tanzania Road Trip

West Tanzania Road Trip

Africa - Tanzania
2,521 km 47 km/h 14 days roadtrip
Burundi Road Trip Burundi Road Trip

Burundi Road Trip

Africa - Burundi
660 km 21 km/h 12 days roadtrip

Road Trip highlights in Tanzania

This African country is all about nature gems. Among the most beautiful areas in Tanzania, you’ll find the Ngorongoro Crater whose surroundings is characterised by one of the highest concentrations of wildlife in Africa. The lovers of active holidays will be also delighted with a trip to the heart of the Selous Game Reserve where you can observe numerous bird species in their natural habitat.

One of Africa’s Great Lakes is Lake Tanganyika located on the border between DRC, Burundi, Zambia, and Tanzania. It is also world’s second oldest freshwater lake. It offers beautiful views – a stroll along its shores will be an unforgettably romantic experience.

Those who would like to spend some time sunbathing should definitely direct their steps to Tanzania’s coastline. In the past, this part of Tanzania was an important part of ancient trading routes. Here, you’ll find never-ending golden strands that will be ideal for an escape from civilisation.

If you would like to admire Africa’s tallest peak, travel to Mt Kilimanjaro and its smaller sibling, Mt Meru. Take a commemorative photo against the background of one of these giants or take a trekking trip along some of the trails in their near vicinity.

While travelling around Tanzania, you’ll be surely surprised by its cultural diversity. For a full immersion embark on a tour around its most colourful, historically important, and vibrant towns and villages. During your trip, you shouldn’t miss Dodoma, the country’s capital, Dar es Salaam, Mbeya, Arusha, or Mwanza.

Tanzania: car rental

While travelling around Tanzania, you’ll have a pretty well-developed bus system at your disposal. The buses move between major cities; however, they won’t take you to all Tanzanian recesses. You can also use the services of taxis and minibuses. For those who enjoy staying independent during their holidays, there’s an option to rent a car. Car rental companies are located at international airports and in major cities.

Generally, driving in Tanzania will be a daunting challenge as Tanzanian roads aren’t well-maintained. An additional obstacle will be the erratic driving of native motorists. Tanzanian roads are also infamous for the high rate of car accidents. For a better driving experience, it’s advisable to consider a 4x4 off-road vehicle.

While travelling by car, you should carry your driver’s licence and an International Driving Permit. Remember, to avoid driving at night and don’t be surprised to come across frequent police road blocks.

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