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Viaboo was born out of the idea of some passionate road trip enthusiasts and was initially intended to be just a comprehensive and inspiring route collection. However, we soon received new ideas from our users, which we saw as practical and travel-relevant additions to our previous efforts.
So, one by one, travel-relevant content emerged on, including: Campsites, RV parks, hotels, restaurants and attractions. All tested, recommended and always in accordance with the requirements of our users. 
But our journey here is just beginning. Furthermore, we want to work on a dynamic road trip planning to provide a powerful tool for the preparation and execution of individually designed road trips. We also want to grow and refine the road trip content. To meet all these challenges and wishes of our users, we need their active support.
 Therefore we decided to grant the full benefits of Viaboo only to the circle of active myViaboo supporters. Their fees allow us to use professional help in further development, so that we can get closer to our goal.
Herewith we hope to count you among our supporters very soon and to welcome you at myViaboo.


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How to become an active myViaboo supporter? A simple login is enough and in your myViaboo account you get the opportunity to freely choose the level of your support. With your fee payment you automatically become part of our myViaboo supporter community and immediately enjoy full access to the content and functionality of  Our team and the many road trip enthusiasts worldwide would like to thank you for your active support of the project.

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Once your myViaboo account is generated, you have the possibility to choose the level of your support. There are 3 support plans to choose from, they differ in duration of access as well as in the amount of the fee. However, all of them grant full access to the currently available Viaboo content and its functionalities.

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Now you are surely curious about what we have completed so far and what awaits you as a myViaboo supporter on The link below will take you to the presentation of the currently available content. 

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