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Greater Madrid Road Trip

Madrid - Segovia - Ávila - Toledo

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Urban life Urban life
Culture Culture
Historical sites Historical sites
Road conditions Road conditions
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Landscape Landscape
Greater Madrid Road Trip ACTIVATE MAP Stages4 km437 h/stage1.9

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Road Trip Costs

How much does it cost to go on a Greater Madrid Road Trip in Spain?

Low budget options by car rental, accommodation and catering. In- and Out-bound travel expenses are not included.
rent & more 192EUR drive & more 50EUR sleep & more 176EUR eat & more 144EUR Total (est. for 2 prs.) 370EUR Total (est. for 2 prs.) incl. rented car 562EUR
Mid budget options by car rental, accommodation and catering. In- and Out-bound travel expenses are not included.
rent & more 240EUR drive & more 63EUR sleep & more 308EUR eat & more 192EUR Total (est. for 2 prs.) 563EUR Total (est. for 2 prs.) incl. rented car 803EUR
High budget options by car rental, accommodation and catering. In- and Out-bound travel expenses are not included.
rent & more 570EUR drive & more 88EUR sleep & more 550EUR eat & more 288EUR Total (est. for 2 prs.) 926EUR Total (est. for 2 prs.) incl. rented car 1,496EUR
On the road in RV, overnight at camp grounds with self-catering. In- and Out-bound travel expenses are not included.
rent & more 900EUR drive & more 100EUR sleep & more 110EUR eat & more 144EUR Total (est. for 2 prs.) 354EUR Total (est. for 2 prs.) incl. rented car 1,254EUR
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Greater Madrid Road Trip Itinerary

Greater Madrid Highlights is a fabulous tour that will take you around the most popular and exciting landmarks and places in the near vicinity of Madrid. Historic landmarks, brilliant natural wonders, and the ever-present mesmerising ambiance are the quintessence of the cities and towns around the Spanish capital. The impeccable state of Spanish roads will make your adventure even more pleasant!

number of days 4 number of days
route length 437 km route length
budget fair budget
good for family good for
traffic direction on the right traffic direction
accident level moderate accident level

The journey starts at the Madrid Airport, where it is possible to rent a vehicle that will live up to your most demanding expectations. The flat Spanish roads will take you to such places as El Escorial, Segovia, Ávila, or even Toledo. The ultimate stopover of the last stage is the Madrid Airport. However, if you haven’t already quenched your thirst for adventures, you can always explore the Spanish capital that is at a stone’s throw away.

START Madrid

Distance 437 km Driving time 7.4 h Pace: modest 113.7 kWh Airports MAD

Your journey starts at the Madrid Airport. It is precisely the place where you can collect your rental vehicle.

1 Madrid - El Escorial - Real Sitio de San Ildefonso - Segovia

Distance 119 km Driving time 2.2 h Pace: modest 30.8 kWh View map Itinerary
junction of road trips interesting  historic site interesting cultural site accommodation options UNESCO World Heritage Site camper parking available

The Madrid Airport is the starting point of the first stage. Here, you’ll find a number of car rental companies if you happen to be interested in this travel option. From the airport, you’ll travel north to El Escorial, the historic residence of the King of Spain and a top-notch tourist highlight. The tour will take you further north to S. Ildefonso o la Granja, located around 60 km away.

S. Ildefonso o la Granja can boast a number of interesting landmarks, including the Royal Palace of La Granja. After a short break in the town centre, hop in your car to travel to the final destination of this stage, namely Segovia. Along the way, you’ll have an opportunity to admire the natural rural Spanish landscape through your car window.

2 Segovia - Ávila

Distance 71 km Driving time 1.0 h Pace: fast 21.2 kWh View map Itinerary
junction of road trips UNESCO World Heritage Site interesting  historic site accommodation options camper parking available

Segovia is characterised by the multitude of interesting historic buildings. These include the Segovia Cathedral, the ancient City Walls, the Alcazar of Segovia, or even a perfectly preserved Roman aqueduct. From the city centre, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you’ll take SG-20 road and head south to Ávila. Along the way, you’ll drive through plenty of fascinating small settlements, including Madrona and Mediana de Voltoya.

Ávila, the ultimate destination of this road trip stage, is sometimes referred to as the Town of Stones and Saints. Its interesting history can be spotted in all its landmarks which are also proofs of its superb architectural merit. Take a break in the city centre and have some rest before the next stage of your road trip.

3 Ávila - Toros de Guisando - Toledo

Distance 137 km Driving time 2.5 h Pace: modest 35.6 kWh View map Itinerary
junction of road trips UNESCO World Heritage Site interesting  historic site accommodation options

From Ávila, you’ll take N-403 road and travel south. The road signs along the way will indicate that you’re roughly 55 km away from your next stopover, that is Toros de Guisando. While travelling to your next destination, you can check out the Valle de Iruelas Nature Reserve with its unique diversity of flora and fauna.

Toros de Guisando are Celtiberian sculptures that can be found at a stone’s throw away from the Hill of Guisando. These four granite sculptures represent pigs or bulls. They are said to have been created by the tribe of the Vettones. After some time spent in this ancient area, you’ll return back on N-403 road to reach Toledo. You’ll have an opportunity to admire picturesque views along your way to the finishing line of this stage.

4 Toledo - Aranjuez - Madrid

Distance 111 km Driving time 1.7 h Pace: fast 33.4 kWh View map Itinerary
junction of road trips interesting  historic site accommodation options interesting cultural site

Toledo is a superb blend of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish influences and has been hailed the City of Three Cultures. This fact can be noticed while strolling along its atmospheric city centre. After a ramble along the streets of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can continue your road trip by taking A-42 road to Aranjuez.

Aranjuez enjoys a scenic location at the confluence of two rivers, the Jarama and the Tagus. This pleasant environment will be a perfect break from long hours spent on the road. After some sightseeing in the city centre, hit the road again to reach the Madrid Airport. This doesn’t have to be the ultimate stage of your road adventure. You can use public transport – a taxi, metro, or bus – to reach the capital and continue your Spanish journey. If you opted for the car rental option earlier, leave the vehicle at the airport.



Madrid is the quintessence of Spain and a treasure trove of attractions offering brilliant restaurants, urban atmosphere, and exciting entertainment venues. Start your journey from the Old Town which is a top-rated attraction in itself – a showcase of Spanish architecture and a proof of the capital’s eventful past.

While in the Spanish capital, it’s worth visiting such highlights as the famous Prado Museum, the Church of San Jerónimo el Real, the Royal Palace with the Royal Gardens, and Plaza Mayor, which is the urban heart of Madrid. If these sights aren’t enough for you, try visiting the National Archaeological Museum or the Egyptian temple located at a stone’s throw away from the city centre.

Greater Madrid Road Trip Summary

Hopefully, the presented journey idea has inspired you.
The tour we’ve suggested can be used as a foundation that can be recreated in its entirety or only partially and that can be enriched with interesting stopovers.
If travelling by car is your plan when exploring highlights around Spain, there are a number of important road rules to follow and a bunch of elements to remember to make your road adventure smooth. These tips will also become useful for tourists who are interested in car hire or renting a camper in Spain.
Sightseeing around Spain in a vehicle requires you to be mindful of the local road rules. In Spain, if you are planning to drive, try to avoid alcohol at all. Tourists ought to remember that the allowed consumption limit is rather low and is only 0.5‰. The speed limit when driving around the urban areas is 50km/h. When it comes to undeveloped areas, you cannot exceed the maximum car speed of 100km/h. When travelling on motorways, you can travel at the permissible speed of 120km/h. In order to stay safe, it is best to drive with your headlights on at daytime and equip your car with a fire extinguisher and first aid kit.
How about the costs of the trip? Well, depending on the needs of the holidaymakers, the money that you have to pay will differ. A wide range of budget configurations is described below.
We estimate that the cheapest offer when it comes to gasoline to cover the planned 437km across Spain may cost approximately 50 EUR. Economy accommodation options can cost holidaymakers more or less 176 EUR. Travellers who opt for this option will spend about 144 EUR on restaurants and food. Travellers will have to pay around 192 EUR if they go for the cheapest hire car offer as well. Thus, you can expect the travel expenses to be about 370 EUR without car rental and 562 EUR with vehicle rental.
When it comes to the standard offer, you have to spend the maximum of 63 EUR on the gasoline needed to cover the tour. If you are into standard accommodation options, you should remember that the expenses can amount up to around 308 EUR. Tourists can expect that the standard option in terms of restaurants and food will cost roughly 192 EUR. Travellers who are also interested in a standard car rental should expect a cost of around 240 EUR. Drivers who would like to rent a car will pay roughly 803 EUR for the whole Greater Madrid Road Trip, whereas those who are not interested in car hire will spend around 563 EUR.
The highest level of comfort of the premium option will live up to the expectations of the most demanding tourists. When it comes to this offer, the estimated cost of the road trip will total more or less 1,496 EUR for travellers who are considering vehicle hire and 563 EUR for those who do not need a hire vehicle. Travellers who would like to cover the tour in a premium hire car can expect a cost of about 570 EUR. When it comes to the premium configuration of the itinerary, the cost of the gasoline needed to cover all stages around Spain is approximately 88 EUR. You should expect to pay roughly 288 EUR for restaurants and food and roughly 550 EUR for hotels if you opt for the exclusive standard of services during your road trip.
Our trip will also live up to the expectations of all camper fans. Holidayers who would like to hire a camper will pay more or less 900 EUR for the service. You will spend around 100 EUR on gasoline allowing to cover all stages of the itinerary. Travellers who opt for camper hire should expect to pay more or less 110 EUR for accommodation and roughly 144 EUR for expenses connected with food.
The Road Trip Costs section shows all the mentioned details in an easy to follow way.
The period between March and November is great to visit the part of Spain presented in our adventure idea. There are multiple thrilling road trips and scenic drives that we offer on our website if you’d like to see other of our road trip options. Even the most demanding of travellers will definitely be taken aback by the broad spectrum of options that we offer.

Facts for safer driving in Spain

drink drive limit drink drive limit 0.5
max speed urban max speed urban 50 km/h
max speed rural max speed rural 100 km/h
max speed highway max speed highway 120 km/h
headlights at daytime headlights at daytime off
fire extinguisher fire extinguisher no
tolls tolls yes
seat belts seat belts yes

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