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Iran Silk Road

Persian Silk Road Trip

Isfahan - Yazd - Kerman - Ferdows - Mashhad - Mary - Bukhara - Qarshi - Samarkand

Expect on your Persian Silk Road Trip Itinerary

Historical sites Historical sites
Benefit-stress ratio Benefit-stress ratio
Urban life Urban life
Culture Culture
Landscape Landscape
Security Security
Comfort Comfort
Road conditions Road conditions
ACTIVATE MAP Stages8 km2,705 h/stage4.3

Best months to drive Persian Silk Road Trip


Road Trip Costs

How much does it cost to go on a Persian Silk Road Trip in Iran?

Low budget options by car rental, accommodation and catering. In- and Out-bound travel expenses are not included.
rent & more 2,100EUR drive & more 300EUR sleep & more 924EUR eat & more 504EUR Total (est. for 2 prs.) 1,728EUR Total (est. for 2 prs.) incl. rented car 3,828EUR
Mid budget options by car rental, accommodation and catering. In- and Out-bound travel expenses are not included.
rent & more 6,300EUR drive & more 400EUR sleep & more 1,848EUR eat & more 672EUR Total (est. for 2 prs.) 2,920EUR Total (est. for 2 prs.) incl. rented car 9,220EUR
High budget options by car rental, accommodation and catering. In- and Out-bound travel expenses are not included.
rent & more 8,820EUR drive & more 513EUR sleep & more 2,618EUR eat & more 1,008EUR Total (est. for 2 prs.) 4,139EUR Total (est. for 2 prs.) incl. rented car 12,959EUR
On the road in RV, overnight at camp grounds with self-catering. In- and Out-bound travel expenses are not included.
rent & more 3,150EUR drive & more 613EUR sleep & more 385EUR eat & more 504EUR Total (est. for 2 prs.) 1,502EUR Total (est. for 2 prs.) incl. rented car 4,652EUR
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Persian Silk Road Trip Itinerary

If you are looking for one of the most alluring road trips in Iran, Persian Silk Road Trip will surely match up your expectations. Our road trip will be suitable for target_traveller]. The road tour runs, among others, through such places as Isfahan, Kerman, and Ferdows. The trip described in this article was planed for 14 days of travel, but drivers can surely complete it in 10. If you are charmed with the picturesqueness of the region, you can always extend your trip. The average time that you will spend behind the wheel daily is 4.3 hours, and travellers have about 2,705km to travel. Ready for the journey? So, let’s jump behind the wheel and set out!
number of days 14 number of days
route length 2,705 km route length
budget high budget
good for explorer good for
traffic direction on the right traffic direction
accident level moderate accident level
During Persian Silk Road Trip, drivers will spend plenty of time outside the cities where they will have the opportunity to contemplate splendid natural landscapes. The whole experience during the adventure will be stress-free, and you will visit a wide selection interesting spots. Persian Silk Road Trip will definitely attract travellers who are into other cultures. Explorers who are searching for historical sites will have a superb option to see a multiple of these during the road trip. If the urban lifestyle is what particularly interests you in Iran, you will have plenty of options to get a glimpse of it during this road trip. Even though travellers will not experience great comfort in the accommodation the way, it is still good value for money. Holidayers should be prepared that the journey is more pricey in terms of budget thanks to greater number of amenities. Travelling on the right and a moderate number of accidents are characteristic features of the road conditions in Iran. If you are wondering about the best time to take the road trip, make your plans somewhere between March and May.

START Isfahan

Distance 2,705 km Driving time 34.8 h Pace: fast 811.6 kWh Airports IFN

Your journey starts at the Esfahan Airport. It is precisely the place where you can collect your rental vehicle.

1 Isfahan - Yazd

Distance 321 km Driving time 3.7 h Pace: fast 96.3 kWh View map Itinerary
junction of road trips interesting  historic site

2 Yazd - Kerman

Distance 372 km Driving time 4.1 h Pace: fast 111.7 kWh View map Itinerary

3 Kerman - Ferdows

Distance 545 km Driving time 6.8 h Pace: fast 163.6 kWh View map Itinerary

4 Ferdows - Mashhad

Distance 366 km Driving time 4.0 h Pace: fast 109.8 kWh View map Itinerary
interesting  historic site

5 Mashhad - Mary

Distance 395 km Driving time 5.6 h Pace: fast 118.6 kWh View map Itinerary

6 Mary - Bukhara

Distance 388 km Driving time 6.0 h Pace: fast 116.4 kWh View map Itinerary

7 Bukhara - Qarshi

Distance 163 km Driving time 2.5 h Pace: fast 49.0 kWh View map Itinerary

8 Qarshi - Samarkand

Distance 154 km Driving time 2.2 h Pace: fast 46.2 kWh View map Itinerary



Persian Silk Road Trip Summary

We believe that the presented journey idea gave you plenty of inspirations for your future holidays.
Our itinerary can be used as a base that can be recreated in its entirety or only partially and that can be enriched with original beauty spots.
If car travel is a travel mode that you prefer, there are a number of essential traffic regulations to follow and a number of elements to keep in mind to make your road adventure safe. These tips will surely become useful for drivers who are considering vehicle rental or camper hire.
Holidaymakers who choose Iran as their holiday destination should definitely be mindful of the local road regulations. In Iran, if you are planning to drive, try to avoid alcohol at any price. Holidayers ought to remember that the amount of alcohol that the driver can consume is extremely low and is only 0‰. When it comes to travelling inside the cities, it is best to never exceed 50km/h. In non-build-up areas, travellers can travel at the maximum car speed of 110km/h. On motorways, 120km/h is the maximum car speed that you should be mindful of in Iran. Driving with your headlights on at daytime and having a fire extinguisher and first aid kit greatly increase the safety of you and your passengers.
The majority of travellers are also interested in the travel expenses of the whole road trip. Well, depending on the budget option that interests you, the amount of money that you have to pay for your travel expenses may vary. A wide range of budget possibilities is showed below.
If you go for the cheapest option, you have to spend the maximum of 300 EUR on fuel to cover the planned 2,705km. Economy accommodation options can cost travellers approximately 924 EUR. Tourists should also remember about the fact that they will spend around 504 EUR for food and restaurants in this option. Travellers will have to pay around 2,100 EUR if they choose the budget rental car offer as well. Thus, the estimated travel expenses amount to around 1,728 EUR without vehicle hire and 3,828 EUR with vehicle hire.
When it comes to the standard offer, you should be prepared to pay the maximum of 400 EUR on the fuel needed to cover the itinerary. Cost amounting to 1,848 EUR can be expected by all holidaymakers who are considering standard overnight stays. Drivers may expect that the standard option in terms of food and restaurants will cost about 672 EUR. Travellers who want to cover the trip in a standard hire car should expect a cost of about 6,300 EUR. The whole estimated cost of the tour is 9,220 EUR with car rental and 2,920 EUR without a rental car.
The available premium option has been prepared with the most demanding holidaymakers in mind. Drivers who would like to rent a car will pay about 12,959 EUR for the whole Persian Silk Road Trip, whereas those who are not interested in vehicle rental will spend more or less 4,139 EUR. Travellers who would like to cover the road trip in a premium hire car can expect a cost of roughly 8,820 EUR. If you are interested in the highest standard of the adventure, the cost of the fuel needed to cover all stages around Iran is about 513 EUR. Holidaymakers who are interested in top services in all aspects of their tour should expect to pay roughly 2,618 EUR for overnight stays and more or less 1,008 EUR for food and restaurants.
Our road trip will also be ideal for all camper fans, as it can be easily adjusted to their expectations. If you choose this means of transport, the expenses are roughly 3,150 EUR. Travellers will spend approximately 613 EUR on gasoline allowing to cover all stages of the tour. Tourists who opt for camper rental should expect to pay roughly 385 EUR for accommodation and about 504 EUR for expenses connected with food.
The Road Trip Costs section shows all the presented details in a straightforward manner.
The period between March and May is great to visit the part of Iran showed in our road trip idea. If Persian Silk Road Trip has sparked your creativity, check out other intriguing road adventures that are available on our website. We hope that the broad spectrum of ideas will definitely come up to the expectations of the most demanding drivers.

Facts for safer driving in Iran

drink drive limit drink drive limit 0
max speed urban max speed urban 50 km/h
max speed rural max speed rural 110 km/h
max speed highway max speed highway 120 km/h
headlights at daytime headlights at daytime on
fire extinguisher fire extinguisher no
tolls tolls no
seat belts seat belts yes

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