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Kenya: a paradise for safari lovers

When you think about the African continent, the first country that immediately pops in your head is surely Kenya. Vast and never-ending savannahs, herds of wild animals sauntering around, and towering equatorial mountains are everything that you can expect while choosing Kenya as your holiday destination.

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Safaris Panoramic Road Safaris Panoramic Road

Safaris Panoramic Road

Africa - Kenya
2,388 km 43 km/h 21 days roadtrip
Kenya Road Trip Kenya Road Trip

Kenya Road Trip

Africa - Kenya
2,692 km 46 km/h 18 days roadtrip
North Kenya Road Trip North Kenya Road Trip

North Kenya Road Trip

Africa - Kenya
1,503 km 44 km/h 14 days roadtrip
Victoria Lake Loop Road Trip Victoria Lake Loop Road Trip

Victoria Lake Loop Road Trip

Africa - Kenya
3,010 km 48 km/h 20 days roadtrip

Road Trip highlights in Kenya

Road Trip in Kenya wouldn’t be complete without a visit in the country’s capital, Nairobi. Considered one of the most cosmopolitan cities of Africa, it will welcome you with a plethora of attractions, including the National Museum, the Go-Down Arts Centre, and the Bomas of Kenya.

You won’t be able to encompass the true beauty of Kenya without a visit in one of its national parks and without participating in a true safari trip. Check out the Nairobi National Park, the Lake Nakuru National Park, the Maasai Mara National Park, or the Arawale National Park to get a hands-on experience in the field of African wildlife.

Kenya is also a perfect spot to immerse yourself in cultural diversity. With as many as 40 different tribal groups, you’ll experience various cultural stimuli in places such as Narok, Kisumu, Rongo, or Nakuru.

In Mombasa, you’ll be surprised with the beauty of Kenyan beaches. In the country’s oldest city, you can see such interesting highlights as Fort Jesus, Mombasa Town Hall, or Moi Avenue with the popular gates made of elephant tusks.

Kenya: car rental

What you can expect from public transport in Kenya is few opportunities for comfortable travel. The only available options are tuk-tuks, matatus used mainly by local people, trains, and taxis, and a number of buses travelling around Nairobi. That’s surely not enough for the more inquisitive and adventurous holidaymakers.

In order to feel full freedom while travelling around Kenya, it’s best to opt for a rental car. Rental vehicles are available in Nairobi and at international airports. If you stay in Kenya for a period of up to 3 months, your driver’s licence will be enough. 

In most areas of the country, road conditions are really dire; therefore, stay careful at all times and avoid travelling at night. You should also consider driving in convoy just to stay extra safe. Be careful as you can be asked for a bribe during a routine police check. In such a situation, you have the right to ask for a due process.

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