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Ethiopia: the Roof of Africa

Ethiopia is a place that many tourists associate with war and famine. Even though this association did not come about without a reason, it's worth taking into consideration the positive aspects of this country - and Ethiopia has much to offer. Ethiopia can boast an extremely rich history, wonderful traditions, and colourful animal kingdom that will enthral even the most experienced globetrotters. A trip to Ethiopia will captivate all types of tourists, both the lovers of history and the fans of holidays close to nature. Towering castles, rock-hewn churches, or scenic landscapes are only a few out of the plethora of attractions that await you in this wonderful country known as the Roof of Africa. 

Value Value
Historical sites Historical sites
Landscape Landscape
Nature Nature
Benefit-stress ratio Benefit-stress ratio
Culture Culture
Urban life Urban life
Security Security

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Ethiopia Road Trip Ethiopia Road Trip

Ethiopia Road Trip

Africa - Ethiopia
4,351 km 49 km/h 21 days roadtrip
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Southern Ethiopia Road Trip

Africa - Ethiopia
1,523 km 55 km/h 10 days roadtrip

Ethiopia : Highlights

While travelling around Ethiopia, you should definitely direct your steps to the capital - Addis Abeba. One of the biggest attractions of this place is Mercato, the largest African outdoor street market. While sauntering around its alleyways, you'll come across stands full of vegetables, fruit, spices, various souvenirs, and colourful clothes. While sightseeing around the city, it's worth directing your steps to St George's Cathedral, Menelik Mausoleum, and Mount Entoto. 

Lalibela is a town located around 700 km away from the capital. It is famous for the rock-hewn churches created probably in the period between the 12th and the 13th centuries. It is an extremely important place for Christians luring thousands of residents and tourists on an annual basis. While travelling around the northern part of the country, it's worth visiting Gondar, known for the imposing Fasil Ghebbi complex, and Aksum, considered a sacred city of Ethiopian Church.

Ethiopia is a country rich in national parks that are home to various species of animals and plants. Among the largest ones, you'll find the Awash National Park, the Mago National Park, and the Omo National Park which will captivate you with their scenic topography. If you want to continue your exploration of the stunning Ethiopian recesses, you should visit Lake Tana - you'll see a few islands with monasteries and churches of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church located on some of them. 

Ethiopia: car rental

Travelling around Ethiopia won't cause greater problems. The country offers a rather well-developed public transport infrastructure that allows you to reach its most important highlights. However, if you want to travel to the less frequented recesses, you should consider hitch-hiking or renting a car. You can rent a vehicle in large cities, and rented cars often come with a personal driver. 

Driving around Ethiopia is sometimes extremely daunting. Main roads are usually covered with asphalt as opposed to the less frequented arteries resembling dirt tracks. That's why the best choice will be a 4x4 off-road vehicle that will make your journey more convenient. 

While travelling around Ethiopia, try to stay vigilant at all times. Local motorists don't follow even the basic traffic regulations by driving in a very aggressive and chaotic way. Also, you shouldn't be surprised to see a person or an animal sauntering in the middle of the road - in Ethiopia, that's a common phenomenon. It's also worth mentioning that Ethiopia follows right-hand traffic. 

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