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Applecross Road

Epic Applecross Road

Tornapress - Applecross

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Epic Applecross Road ACTIVATE MAP Stages1 km18 h/stage0.2

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Road Trip Costs

How much does it cost to go on a Epic Applecross Road in Scotland?

Low budget options by car rental, accommodation and catering. In- and Out-bound travel expenses are not included.
rent & more 45EUR drive & more 0EUR sleep & more 77EUR eat & more 96EUR Total (est. for 2 prs.) 173EUR Total (est. for 2 prs.) incl. rented car 218EUR
Mid budget options by car rental, accommodation and catering. In- and Out-bound travel expenses are not included.
rent & more 72EUR drive & more 0EUR sleep & more 154EUR eat & more 144EUR Total (est. for 2 prs.) 298EUR Total (est. for 2 prs.) incl. rented car 370EUR
High budget options by car rental, accommodation and catering. In- and Out-bound travel expenses are not included.
rent & more 126EUR drive & more 0EUR sleep & more 220EUR eat & more 192EUR Total (est. for 2 prs.) 412EUR Total (est. for 2 prs.) incl. rented car 538EUR
On the road in RV, overnight at camp grounds with self-catering. In- and Out-bound travel expenses are not included.
rent & more 225EUR drive & more 0EUR sleep & more 55EUR eat & more 96EUR Total (est. for 2 prs.) 151EUR Total (est. for 2 prs.) incl. rented car 376EUR
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Epic Applecross Road Itinerary

Experience the Epic Applecross Road, a stunning 11-mile journey from Tornapress to Applecross in Scotland. This one-day road trip is best taken during the summer months to ensure you get the best out of the journey. Along the way, you will be treated to beautiful views of the countryside, including valleys, hills and lochs. But be aware that the roads can be tricky - some parts of the route are not suitable for motorhomes, and in winter, some roads may be blocked due to the weather conditions. The route can be curvy and narrow in some places, so you need to be a confident driver. The Epic Applecross Road is a truly unforgettable experience, but it comes with a high price tag. If you are looking for an unforgettable experience and memories, this is the road trip for you.
number of days 1 number of days
route length 18 km route length
budget high budget
good for explorer good for
traffic direction on the left traffic direction
accident level fair accident level

START Tornapress

Distance 18 km Driving time 0.2 h Pace: fast 5.4 kWh Airports INV
Tornapress in Scotland is the starting point of the Epic Applecross Road, a scenic road trip with plenty of sights to explore. Located in the Scottish Highlands, Tornapress is the perfect base to start your journey. The area is home to a variety of attractions, such as the Torridon Mountains and the Beinn Eighe National Nature Reserve. Be sure to visit the local Torridon Visitor Centre and its interactive exhibits, or take a boat tour of the breathtaking Loch Torridon. For those travelling from abroad, the closest international airport is Inverness Airport (INV). From there, you can rent a car for the duration of your trip. The drive to Tornapress is an easy one, taking just over an hour. Once in Tornapress, you’ll be surrounded by the beauty of Scotland’s rugged landscape. The Epic Applecross Road is a great way to explore the area and experience the beauty of Scotland. You’ll drive past the picturesque village of Shieldaig and the ruins of Applecross Abbey. You’ll also have the chance to spot some of the local wildlife, including red deer, osprey and otters. There are plenty of opportunities to stop off and take in the views, or even take part in some of the local activities. Tornapress is the ideal starting point for the Epic Applecross Road. With its stunning landscape and array of attractions, this area of Scotland is sure to provide a memorable road trip experience.

1 Tornapress - Applecross

Distance 18 km Driving time 0.2 h Pace: fast 5.4 kWh View map Itinerary
inaccessible for campers inaccessible for caravans limited number of petrol stations scenic road !en!generator.stage-attribute.SeasonalClosure! sections of steep road stretches of winding road sections of narrow road junction of road trips interesting  historic site
Embark on an unforgettable road trip from Tornapress to Applecross! This 11mi journey will take you less than an hour, but you'll get to experience the best of Scotland's beauty and culture. As you drive, take in the breathtaking views of the historical sites and scenic roads. Be mindful that some sections of the road may be inaccessible to cars with camper trailers, and you may encounter steep ramps, winding roads, and narrow stretches. Also, please note that some sections may be closed seasonally and there may be a lack of gas stations. Though camping is not recommended in some sections, more information on attractions, accommodation options, recommended restaurants, and campsites along the route can be found in the “Itinerary” of this stage. Get ready for an unforgettable journey!


Applecross is a small, picturesque village in Scotland, located on the edge of the Applecross Bay. It is the perfect ending point for a road trip on the Epic Applecross Road, which winds its way through some of Scotland's most breathtaking scenery. The village itself is a small, but charming settlement, with a range of traditional pubs, restaurants, and cafes. Its most famous attraction is the Applecross Inn, which serves up hearty cuisine, ales, and whiskies, and has been a popular local haunt for centuries. Surrounding the village are some of Scotland's most stunning landscapes. From the nearby Beinn Eighe National Nature Reserve to the rugged Torridon Mountains, Applecross is the perfect place to explore the beauty of Scotland. Those looking for a more active holiday can take to the water, with a range of boat trips available from the nearby harbour. The Applecross Peninsula is also a popular spot for kayaking and sailing. The closest international airport to Applecross is Glasgow International Airport (GLA). Applecross is located around a three-hour drive from Glasgow, making it the perfect destination for a road trip. The Epic Applecross Road is a must-do for any visitor to Scotland. From the breathtaking scenery to the charming village, Applecross is the perfect spot to end your road trip.

Epic Applecross Road at a glance

Hopefully, our road trip idea has become a great inspiration for your future travels.
It is a ready-made option that can be conveniently developed into a complete journey – anything is possible.
If travelling by car is your plan when moving around Scotland, there are a number of important traffic regulations to follow and a bunch of elements to bear in mind to make your road adventure smooth. These tips will also become useful for holidayers who are considering renting a vehicle or hiring a camper.
When on a tour around Scotland, there are numerous traffic regulations to be remembered. To be on the safe side, try to stay away from spirits at any expense. Holidaymakers should remember that the allowed level of alcohol in blood is extremely low and is only 0.8‰. Exceeding the maximum speed limit, which is 48km/h, around the city may result in a speeding fine. Outside the cities, drivers can travel at the maximum permissible speed of 96km/h. On motorways, avoid exceeding the allowed speed of 112km/h. We recommend driving with your headlights on at daytime and equipping your car with a fire extinguisher and first aid kit to increase the safety of you and your passengers.
But what are the costs of the whole trip. Of course, depending on the budget option that you’re interested in, the amount of money that you have to pay for your trip expenses may vary. A wide range of budget options is showed below.
The cost of gasoline for the cheapest option to cover the planned 18km across Scotland can cost approximately 0 EUR. Economy accommodation options may cost holidayers more or less 77 EUR. Tourists who go for this option will spend about 96 EUR on food and restaurants. Travellers will have to pay about 45 EUR if they choose the budget car rental offer as well. Thus, going for vehicle rental will increase the costs of the road trip from approximately 173 EUR to approximately 218 EUR.
Holidaymakers who are interested in greater comfort and the standard option will pay more or less 0 EUR for the gasoline needed to cover the itinerary. If you are into standard accommodation options, you should keep in mind that the costs may amount up to roughly 154 EUR. Travellers can expect that the standard option in terms of food and restaurants will cost about 144 EUR. Travellers who want to cover the trip in a standard hire car should expect a cost of roughly 72 EUR. Summing up the standard offer, the estimated cost of the road trip will total roughly 370 EUR for holidayers who would like to try vehicle hire and 298 EUR for those who are not interested in renting.
Tourists who would like to benefit from the highest level of comfort will be pleased with the premium offer. Those who are interested in the option without car rental will pay around 412 EUR and approximately 538 EUR for an option with a vehicle. Travellers who would like to cover the itinerary in a premium hire car should expect a cost of about 126 EUR. In the top standard option of the trip, you need to spend the maximum of 0 EUR on the gasoline needed to cover the itinerary. Holidayers should expect to pay around 192 EUR for food and restaurants and approximately 220 EUR for accommodation options if they are interested in the exclusive standard of services.
Epic Applecross Road will also become interesting for all camper enthusiasts. When it comes to this means of transport, the expenses are around 225 EUR. If you are wondering about the gasoline expenses for the whole road trip, they will amount to about 0 EUR. Holidayers who would like to go for camper hire should expect to pay about 55 EUR for overnight stays and roughly 96 EUR for expenses connected with food.
The Road Trip Costs section presents all the above details in a simple way.
There are multiple intriguing scenic drives and road trips that we offer on our website if you’d like to see other of our road trip opportunities. We hope that the great variety of options will definitely come up to the expectations of the most demanding drivers.

Facts for safer driving in Scotland

drink drive limit drink drive limit 0.8
max speed urban max speed urban 48 km/h
max speed rural max speed rural 96 km/h
max speed highway max speed highway 112 km/h
headlights at daytime headlights at daytime off
fire extinguisher fire extinguisher no
tolls tolls yes
seat belts seat belts yes

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