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Wales: the land of castles and legends

Wales is a small country packed with many tourist attractions. Its diverse landscape is its best advantage, owing to which the country comes across as a treasure trove of attractions that are topped up with its intriguing and old culture.

Explore its old traditions and rich Celtic roots, take a walk around one of its old-fashioned towns, explore the dramatic coastlines, and take a trekking trip around one of its mountain chains – Wales is full of surprises, but it won’t disappoint you.

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England Road Trip England Road Trip

England Road Trip

Europe - England
3,021 km 56 km/h 21 days roadtrip
Wales Road Trip Wales Road Trip

Wales Road Trip

Europe - Wales
1,124 km 55 km/h 7 days roadtrip
Pembrokeshire Road Trip Pembrokeshire Road Trip

Pembrokeshire Road Trip

Europe - Wales
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Snowdonia Road Trip Snowdonia Road Trip

Snowdonia Road Trip

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Anglesey Panoramic Road Anglesey Panoramic Road

Anglesey Panoramic Road

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North Wales Road Trip

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Borderlands and Beacons Road Trip

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West Wales Road Trip West Wales Road Trip

West Wales Road Trip

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293 km 46 km/h 5 days roadtrip
Brecon Beacons Road Trip Brecon Beacons Road Trip

Brecon Beacons Road Trip

Europe - Wales
142 km 49 km/h 2 days roadtrip
Into Welsh Countryside Road Trip Into Welsh Countryside Road Trip

Into Welsh Countryside Road Trip

Europe - England
145 km 58 km/h 3 days roadtrip

Wales : Road Trip highlights

If you want to explore Welsh culture, it’s best to start from the southern part of the country characterised by the highest population of residents. Begin from the beautiful Cardiff, where you’ll be surprised by a true plethora of top-notch restaurants, entertainment venues, and brilliant museums that will take you on a rollercoaster of historical stimuli. 

Another interesting urban jewel is Swansea with a selection of intriguing landmarks and museums, including the National Waterfront Museums, Swansea Museum, and Egypt Museum. The nearby Gamorgan and Pembrokeshire coasts will enchant you with dramatic landscapes and beautiful vistas. After a short trip around the Welsh coast, it’s always worth returning to such places as Blaenavon and the Rhondda Heritage Park that can be found at a stone’s throw away from Trehafod.

The smaller villages of the south offer an interesting insight into the idyllic ambiance of the rural Wales. Try Carmarthenshire, Carmarthen, or Llandeilo to admire the local architecture and learn more on the regional cuisine.

Mid-Wales is all about stunning panoramas, pristine areas, and beautiful little settlements. Among the most notable highlights of this region, it’s worth enumerating the Brecon Beacons National Park and the Black Mountains. These offer plenty of trekking and hiking opportunities that will cater to the needs of the most demanding lovers of outdoor fun. You can also travel to such historical places as Offa’s Dyke Path and Cardigan as well as the less known, yet equally interesting, Harlech, Aberaeron, New Quay, or Dolgellau. The last option is ideal for cycling trips around the nearby grounds.

No one will be surprised that the greatest jewel of the northern part of the country is Snowdonia towering over the region. These majestic mountains are studded with rugged cliffs, beautiful waterfalls, and castle ruins. One of the most interesting starting points to explore them will be Llangollen. You can also choose from such places as Blaenau Ffestiniog, Llanberis, and Beddgelert. It’s also worth heading for Conwy to admire the medieval castle that will be a treat for all the lovers of atmospheric places.

Car rental in Wales

There are plenty of car hire companies that you can find in Wales. That’s why all types of motorists will be pleased to find something of interest for themselves. There’s a variety of available rental cars at most car hire companies in major cities and at international airports. 

Remember that some companies may impose age limits. The minimum age is usually is 23. The documents that you should carry along, include: your driver’s licence and an International Driving Permit if you are outside of Europe. You need to have a minimum of a third party insurance as well.

Road state and speed limits in Wales

Owing to numerous bumps and various road imperfections, the state of some of the Welsh roads is far from perfect. However, some consolation will be that driving around Wales is considered a very pleasant experience thanks to the scenic landscapes and great ambience that overcomes the many nuisances. 

In Wales, authorities place strong emphasis on travellers' safety and thus impose certain speed limits. The maximum speed allowed in built-up areas is 30 mph (48 km/h), 60 mph (96 km/h) in rural areas, and 70 mph (112 km/h) on motorways. It's also worth keeping in mind that breaking the above-mentioned restrictions may result in severe fines and penalty points so it’s best to avoid such unpleasantness on your holidays.

Wales: road rules

Wales follows left-hand traffic so you should drive in a clockwise direction on a roundabout. Remember that it’s also best to start from less congested areas to get used to the new road environment. While driving on the left, overtaking takes place on the right.

Wales also follows many very basic regulations, such as observing the speed limits, fastening your seatbelts, and avoiding talking on your phone while participating in the traffic. The allowed blood alcohol level is 0.08%. You’ll come across a number of police patrols on Welsh roads and you might undergo a breathalyser test several times.

You won’t be obliged to pay any on-the-spot fines. Each time you commit a traffic offence, you’ll be given a ticket that has to be paid at a police precinct. There are also many speed cameras and speed traps around Wales.

Remember! In Wales, it is a common phenomenon that animals often cross the roads. Stay cautious at all times to avoid unnecessary car accidents and collisions. 

Wales doesn’t have any toll roads which is great news for those motorists who come from countries where the land is studded with paid road sections. The only places where you have to pay a toll are: the Severn and Anglesey Bridges.

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