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Moldova: the land of wine

Moldova is one of the less frequently visited European countries despite the fact that it's not any less attractive in comparison to other popular tourist destinations. Unfortunately, the country is still associated with destitute and political instability, owing to which its assets - which would otherwise surely lure flocks of tourists - are still being neglected. Interesting landmarks, breathtaking views, brilliant highlights, superb cuisine, and a myriad of wineries are only a few out of the multitude of attractions that await you in Moldova. If you want to experience an interesting adventure and discover something that has been left slightly undiscovered, direct your steps to this small country located between the Ukraine and Romania. 

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Road Trip highlights in Moldova

Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, is a true city of contrasts where old damaged buildings stand next to large and opulent government edifices. While sauntering around its streets, you'll come across a number of interesting highlights, including thematic museums, religious buildings, and scenic parks and gardens. During a sightseeing trip around the city, it's worth visiting the National Archaeology and History Museum, checking out the Pushkin Museum, and taking a walk around Stephen the Great Park or the Alley of Classics. 

Moldova / Orhei / Photo by Aliona on Pixabay

In order to see the most popular wineries in Moldova, you should definitely travel to Orhei and Cricova. The one that can be found here can boast wine cellars that extend for 120 kilometres. Its chambers store more than one million wine bottles that have been prepared for wine tasting for the visiting tourists. If you want to take a tour around Moldova's landmarks, direct your steps to Soroca, where you'll find a stone fortress dating back to 1489. The cities of Calarasi, Tiraspol, and Balti, known as the "northern capital", are also worth your attention. 

Moldova: car rental

Residents and tourists travelling around Moldova will have at their disposal buses, taxis, and trains that travel between larger cities. While using public transport, try to stay watchful as you can fall prey to pickpockets, especially in crowded trolleybuses and microbuses. 

If you enjoy freedom and independence, it's best to opt for a rental car, for example, one of the vehicles available at the Chisinau Airport. However, you should bear in mind that travelling in a car around Moldova isn't always that simple and pleasant. That is due to the dire state of roads that are unlit and lack adequate road marking – especially the roads running outside larger cities. Additional threats, mostly at night, are unlit vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists. 

Moldova / Road / Photo by Anastasia Vârlan on Unsplash

Remember that motorists and passengers should have fastened seatbelts. During the trip, you shouldn't exceed the speed limits, which are 60 km/h in built-up areas and 90 km/h outside built-up areas. You mustn't forget about carrying appropriate documents, including your ID or passport, driver's licence, vehicle inspection certificate, liability insurance, Green Card, and appropriate statement provided by the owner of the vehicle. Refuel your car only at large and reliable petrol stations. 

If you are travelling with children, you should definitely take care of their safety. Children younger than 12 years of age should travel only in special child seats. Driving and talking on your mobile phone is strictly forbidden so equip yourself with a hands-free set. You shouldn't drive even after drinking a tiny bit of alcohol. Otherwise, you can face high fines. The worst case scenario is losing your driver's licence. 

Facts for safer driving in Moldova

drink drive limit
max speed urban
37 mph
max speed rural
56 mph
max speed highway
56 mph
headlights at daytime
fire extinguisher
seat belts
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