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Georgia: outdoor activities galore

Georgia shares its beautiful neighbourhood with such countries as Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Armenia; however, it remains the least discovered places among these top-notch holiday destinations. Extending from green gorges through arid vineyards to towering mountain tops – Georgia is a beautiful showcase of natural pristine landscapes.

Travellers seeking outdoor activities and plenty of open spaces will find their small paradise in Georgia. Walking, horse riding, cycling, hiking, and rafting – these are only a few of the opportunities galore that is available in Georgia.

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Georgia: best highlights

Tbilisi, the country’s capital, is a perfect way to start your journey around Georgia. Here, you’ll be struck by stunning architecture, small restaurants with great ambiance, and interesting landmarks. Don’t forget to visit such places as the Jewish Quarter, Betlemi Street, Anchiskhati Basilica, or Metekhi Church.

At a stone’s throw away from the capital, you’ll find Kazbegi offering a beautiful high-altitude spot for the lovers of hiking and trekking. It also has a stunning and breathtaking backdrop of the snow-covered Greater Caucasus summits. For a deeper immersion into the Georgian culture, you can also try visiting Kakheti which is famous for its wineries. Here, you’ll have an additional opportunity to try some of the best local ingredients.

Georgia / Tbilisi / Photo by katarzynajavaheri0 on Pixabay

Those who are into close encounters with nature should travel to Lagodekhi Protected Areas where you’ll be surprised with the beautiful panoramas, pristine forests, and best hiking paths. In Vardzia, there’s plenty to see for those who are interested in old settlements. This place dates back to the 12th century and offers a great insight into a true cave village that was a fully self-sufficient human settlement.

Travel to Gori to learn more on the country’s communist history, visit Chiatura to admire pristine vistas, and check out the Martvili Canyon that will be a perfect starting point for many sightseeing trips around the natural wonders of the region. You should also see Batumi, a resort town situated by the Black Sea. In the city, you can visit the Alphabet Tower, Europe Square, and Batumi Botanical Garden.

Most important traffic regulations in Georgia

Traffic regulations in Georgia aren't particularly strict; however, certain behaviour is seen as inappropriate or simply illegal.

Georgian police is extremely sensitive when it comes to drinking and driving, improper parking, and speeding (built-up areas: 50-70 km/h, outside built-up areas: 80 km/h, highways: 110 km/h). Interestingly, there is zero tolerance for any alcohol level in your blood that’s why it’s best to avoid drinking any alcoholic beverages before hitting the road.

Georgia / Bagrati Cathedral / Photo by Makalu on Pixabay

To drive a vehicle in Georgia, you need to be 18. However, many car rental companies will require you to be even older to rent a vehicle. They might even impose additional fees or require you to purchase additional insurance for being an inexperienced motorist. You need to be at least 21 and have a one year of experience behind the wheel.

Road state in Georgia

Despite the fact that traffic in Georgia is rather small, it's worth staying cautious as you may encounter stray animals on the road or native motorists who behave in an unpredictable way. 

Most highways in Georgia are well-maintained and you’ll pleasantly surprised with the driving conditions. However, the more remote areas are characterised by bumpy surface, uneven sections, and holes. That’s why if you are going to rent a vehicle, it’s best to go for a 4x4 off-road type.

Georgia / Road / Photo by AidaKhubaeva on Pixabay

You should also avoid driving at night and in adverse weather conditions. Generally, stay cautious at all times and plan ahead. Sticking to the imposed speed limits will guarantee you greater safety.

Georgia: parking and petrol stations

When it comes to parking, there are plenty of designated zones in Tbilisi and other Georgian towns. It is rather safe to leave your car on major streets. Cases of theft or robbery are pretty infrequent in most major towns. 

Georgia / Khertvisi fortress / Photo by Makalu on Pixabay

Petrol is rather cheap in comparison to European standards. There exist three types of petrol in Georgia: Super, Premium, and Regular. It’s advisable to go for Premium on reliable petrol stations such as Lukoil, Gulf Socar, Rompetrol, or Wissol. There’s no problem in finding petrol stations in Georgia as these are available even in the more upland regions. The cost of fuel ranges from 60 to 80 euro cents per litre.

Facts for safer driving in Georgia

drink drive limit
max speed urban
50 mph
max speed rural
56 mph
max speed highway
68 mph
headlights at daytime
fire extinguisher
seat belts
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