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Belarus: at the edge of Europe

Located at the border of Eastern Europe, Belarus is a treasure trove of attractions that will live up to the expectations of the most demanding tourists. Many travellers overlook this medium-sized country staying oblivious to its superb national parks, arid rural areas, and beautiful cosy towns.

Stunning architecture, interesting landmarks, and natural reserves hiding thousands of animal and bird species create a perfect environment for long walks, picnics, horse riding, cycling, and other outdoor activities. If you are into active holidays, Belarus will be a perfect place for you!

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Top highlights of Belarus

One of the greatest highlights of Belarus is its capital, Minsk. Its grandeur is visible in the beautiful highlights, impressive landmarks, and great entertainment venues. The capital is also a superb place to start your culinary journey around the tastes of Belarus. You should take a walk around one of its extensive boulevards and admire the city’s architecture as well.

The lovers of history should definitely try Mir or Nesvizh which are the most popular museum towns in Belarus. Both of them are brilliant towns that have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Those who value art slightly more should definitely consider a trip to Vitebsk – the birth place of the well-known and renowned Marc Chagall. The city is also a great spot to participate in some of the country’s most interesting art festivals.

Belarus / Minsk / Photo by neufal54 on Pixabay

The fans of natural wonders should take a trekking trip through the stunning forests of the Belavezhskaya Puscha National Park. It will be additionally a perfect place for birdwatching as it is home to more than 212 bird species.

In Brest, you’ll discover a cosmopolitan border city that will take you on a rollercoaster of highlights. Be sure to visit such places as the Museum of Railway Technology, Nikalaivsky Church, Brest Fortress, and the Museum of Confiscated Art.

For a deeper exploration of the subject of folk history, it’s best to venture into the region around Dudutki. It can boast an extensive museum complex where you’ll learn more on the town’s roots and connection with craftsmanship.

Most important traffic regulations in Belarus

Traffic regulations in Belarus aren't particularly strict, and they are pretty similar to the ones prevailing in the rest of Europe. Belarus police is extremely sensitive when it comes to drinking and driving, improper parking, and speeding. In Belarus, there’s zero tolerance for alcohol in your blood. You should also stick to some kind of hands-free set for making important phone calls.

When it comes to the speed limits, these are as follows - built-up areas: 60 km/h, outside built-up areas: 90 km/h, motorways: 120 km/h. If your driving experience is shorter than 2 years, just stick to the speed limit of 70 km/h. 

Belarus / Minsk / Photo by jackal007 on Pixabay

When it comes speed cameras, these can be found along the main routes. It’s vital to remember that police has zero tolerance for drivers renting cars in Belarus. Safety camera warning devices are illegal across the whole country so just stick to the speed limits and follow the prevailing road regulations.

In Belarus, on the spot fines are a rare phenomenon. In most cases, you’ll be given a proper ticket for the committed traffic offence. The means of payment are usually provided on the ticket so just follow the instructions. 

Belarus: required documents and driving age

As far as the required documents are concerned, you need to carry a driver's licence, International Driving Permit, liability insurance, and registration documents. The driving age in Belarus is 18; however, many car rental companies will require you to be even 25.

Belarus / The Mir Castle Complex / Photo by egorshitikov on Pixabay

Toll roads and parking options in Belarus

The best conditions are available on toll roads which offer you splendid driving experience. Most expressways run around Minsk and major border crossings. Interestingly, in Belarus you will find no parking meters and the only thing that you can do is to follow what’s indicated on appropriate road signs. Free parking spaces will be marked with a white “P” on a blue sign. Remember that your vehicle shouldn’t become an obstacle to the traffic whenever you decide to leave your car somewhere.

Belarus / House / Photo by 12019 on Pixabay

Facts for safer driving in Belarus

drink drive limit
max speed urban
37 mph
max speed rural
56 mph
max speed highway
68 mph
headlights at daytime
fire extinguisher
seat belts
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