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Scenic Lithuania

Lithuania's charm isn't only visible in its beautiful cities, but it can be also found in breathtaking national parks, interesting landscapes running along the Baltic coast, and health resorts, where time seems to stand still. 

Rich history, interesting landmarks, folk craft, and key cultural places can be noticed at every corner in major Lithuanian cities, but what will happen if we wander slightly off the beaten tract to explore another face of this country - the one that hasn't been discovered by the tourists yet? 

The small area that Lithuania covers is a great advantage, especially for motorists, and mild climate characteristic for most part of the country favours long trips, both on foot and by car.

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Discover highlights of Lithuania

A trip around the country without a visit in the capital? No way! It's definitely worth visiting Vilnius even for a short while. Despite the fact that the country's capital is mainly associated with the multitude of religious edifices, this place has a lot more to offer. Equally interesting capital's highlights are the Modern Art Museum or the Gate of Dawn. Also, you can't forget about a visit in a traditional restaurant where you'll be welcomed with regional treats.

While exploring the tourist attractions located within the continent, it's worth directing your steps to such places as Trakai, famous for beautiful narrow streets and a magnificent medieval fortress, or Kaunas, located between the Neman and the Neris, two picturesque rivers adding the town a lot of charm. Kaunas, which is also a cultural and academic centre, is second largest Lithuanian city.

Lithuania / Vilnius / St. Anne Church / Photo by JolEnka on Pixabay
Lithuania / Beach / Photo by nerami30 on Pixabay
Lithuania / Kaunas / Photo by monikamaleseviciute4 on Pixabay
Lithuania / Vilnius / Photo by EvgeniT on Pixabay

Šiauliai is the largest settlement of Žemaitija also known as the Sun City. It is rich in multiple attractions, such as a Renaissance cathedral, the monument of the Sun Archer, or as many as twenty different museums. Approximately 10 km from the town's centre, you'll find Kryžiu Kalnas, or the Hill of Crosses. The hill is a popular pilgrimage spot and a symbol connected with Lithuanian pursuit of independence. On the summit, you'll find literally thousands of crosses. The first one was brought here probably in the 14th century.

The Lithuanian Baltic coast is equally interesting and popular. It is here that tourists flock to get some sun rays and spend countless hours walking on soft sand. High in iodine air and ideal mild climate create a perfect environment not only for the tourists but also for the health resort visitors. The most interesting seaside towns include: Palanga, Klaip?da, and Nida.

Lithuania: car rental, roads, traffic rules

Renting a car in Lithuania is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to start your journey around the scenic country. It is possible to rent a vehicle at all airports and in major cities across Lithuania. Car rental offer is always enriched with an appropriate insurance which will provide safety and comfort to all the passengers during the trip.

In Lithuania, you'll encounter a well-developed road infrastructure. However, don't be surprised if you come across a few bumps or imperfections on the streets - Lithuanian roads aren't that impeccable and still need some modernisation. 

Lithuania / Baltic Sea / Photo by nerami30 on Pixabay

While driving around the country, you'll have the opportunity to use different types of roads - from motorways that are as flat as a table to gravel roads where you’ll have no GPS reception whatsoever. Speed bumps are also a characteristic feature of Lithuanian roads.

Native drivers behave in a similar fashion that the residents of other European countries. However, you'll encounter situations when motorists join the traffic putting other travellers in jeopardy or don't follow traffic rules by crossing the solid white lines.

What about the documents, speed limits, and car equipment? Continue reading and you'll learn more on these topics below!

Documents and car equipment in Lithuania

While travelling around Lithuania, you need to carry the following documents: an ID or a passport, driver's licence, liability insurance, registration document, and vehicle technical inspection certificate.

The permitted blood alcohol level is 0.04%. It's vital to remember that there is zero tolerance for any blood alcohol level in case of motorists who have less than two years of driving experience.

Lithuania / Dainava / Vilnius / Photo by irtlach0 on Pixabay

Each vehicle should have a warning triangle, a first aid kit, a fire extinguishers, and a reflective vest. The reflective vest must be worn by the person leaving the car in rural areas.

In case of a car accident, it's important to contact the police as they are responsible for the preparation of a police report. It'll become the basis to claim your damages. The emergency number that will quickly allow you to contact appropriate authorities is 112.

Speed limits in Lithuania

Speed limits are as follows: 50 km/h in built-up areas, 70 km/h on gravel roads, 90 km/h on asphalt roads, 110 km/h (and 100 km/h from the beginning of November until the end of March) on expressways, and 130 km/h (and 110 km/h from the beginning of November until the end of March) on motorways.

Lithuania / Dainava / Rumšišk?s / Photo by vietnam-lt on Pixabay

Each failure to observe the speed limits is penalised with high speeding tickets, and police officers are on the watch for such offences. Interestingly, rookie drivers, that is motorists who have two years of driving experience or less, can drive as fast as 90 km/h.

Facts for safer driving in Lithuania

drink drive limit
max speed urban
31 mph
max speed rural
56 mph
max speed highway
81 mph
headlights at daytime
fire extinguisher
seat belts
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