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South Korea: richness of cultural stimuli

Despite its troubled history, South Korea has been able to develop into a stunning country full of beautiful landmarks, rich culture, and top-notch cuisine. The country has retained its intriguing character thanks to the cultivation of many traditions and customs. Travellers hungry for cultural stimuli should definitely consider a visit in South Korea which will welcome them with lively and colourful cities, peaceful countryside, and brilliant cuisine full of aromas and fragrances that are out of this world.

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South Korea Road Trip South Korea Road Trip

South Korea Road Trip

Asia - South Korea
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South Korea: Road Trip highlights

The capital of South Korea is all about the senses. It’s studded with small markets, street food venues, and plenty of souvenir shops. Seoul offers an interesting choice of highlights, including the ancestral shrine of Jongmyo, Deoksu Palace, Changdeok Palace, and Insadong.

South Korea offers the visiting travellers a number of natural attractions. For more active holidays, you should definitely head to Gangwon and Gyeonggi, where you’ll have a plethora of outdoor activities at your disposal. The northernmost provinces are ideal for trekking and hiking. It is also a region where you’ll find the idyllic towns of Incheon and Suwon, with a UNESCO-listed fort, and the little village of Panmunjeom, where you’ll learn more on the local culture and cuisine.

The heart of South Korea pulses in the Jeolla Province. It is a stunning showcase of South Korea’s flora at its best, with beautiful orchards, interesting flowers, and idyllic vistas. The Korean coast is also a place worth visiting if you enjoy spending your free times close to nature. 

Geomundo and Hongdo rank among the most popular holiday rivieras. For smaller settlements with unique character choose places such as Yeosu or Mokpo, whereas if you are into modern architecture and more lively semi-metropolises, travel to Gwangju. Many holidaymakers are also interested in a trip to Jeonju, where you can admire traditional housing.

Even though Chungcheon is one the least popular regions among travellers, it is a genuine treasure trove of attractions. It hides beautiful natural parks, rice terraces, and pristine islands. Traditional architecture can be found in Gongju and Buyeo, interesting bird species in the Songnisan National Park, and lakeside resort accommodation options in Danyang.

Traffic regulations in South Korea: general information

South Korea follows right-hand traffic; thus, overtaking takes place on the left. The minimum driving age here is 18; however, if you’d like to rent a car, you’ll be required to be at least 21. 

Each motorist driving along South Korean roads should possess the following documents which are required by law: driver’s licence, International Driving Permit, insurance documents, registration documents, passport. It is advised to always carry your insurance documents along in South Korea.

When it comes to drinking and driving, the allowed blood alcohol level is 0.05% so even one larger drink may take you beyond this limit. It’s best to just abstain from drinking before driving. What’s more, it’s vital that all passengers wear seatbelts as the penalties for breaking this rule are pretty severe. You’ll have to pay as much as W 30,000 for not following the regulations.

There is a possibility to get an on-the-spot fine for the following offences: taking a bus lane, talking on the phone while driving, signal violation, and speeding. Bus lanes are market by blue lines.

Rental car in South Korea

If you would like to rent a vehicle, this option is available in all major South Korean cities and at international airports. The wide choice of interesting rental vehicles available at renowned car rental companies will cater to the needs of the most demanding tourists.

Speed limits on South Korean roads

The general rules concerning speed limits are the following: 30-80 km/h in built-up areas, 60-80 km/h in rural areas, and 80-120 km/h on motorways. 

South Korea: toll roads and speed cameras

There are a number of toll roads in South Korea. It is possible to pay at toll gates or use a special Hi-Pass system that allows you to drive through the gates without stopping. The amount to be paid is mostly dependent on the road type as well as the distance that you would like to cover. Toll roads are the best maintained roads in the country and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the great driving experience that they offer.

The most frequently encountered types of speed cameras in South Korea are fixed cameras and the speed enforcement system is pretty efficient across the country. Many of these devices record your average speed over a certain road section and use it as a basis to asses if you’ve exceeded the limit. What’s more, it’s illegal to use any devices that can warn you that you’re approaching a speed camera.