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Gambia: Africa's smallest country

Gambia is a tiny African country whose shape resembles a long narrow strip that is almost entirely surrounded by Senegal. The place evokes extreme emotions as it was the main centre of slavery and slaves trade for years. So far, Gambia hasn't been a popular tourist destination, but there is an increasing number of tourists visiting it each year. It shouldn't come as a surprise as the country is famous for beautiful panoramas, sandy beaches, and very amiable residents. 

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Road Trip highlights in Gambia

Banjul, the country's capital, is, in fact, a small town in which life is characterised by an extremely slow pace. While sauntering around its streets, you can come across a few gems that will surely enthral you. These include Arch 22, a triumphal arch that is 35 metres tall. While sightseeing around the town, it's worth directing your steps to the Gambian National Museum and the famous street market - Albert Market. 

If you dream about some rest on one of the paradise beaches, you should definitely travel to Serekunda. The town is considered the Gambia's main tourist resort with a well-developed accommodation infrastructure. Nearby, you'll find an equally charming Kololi that can boast hotels of varied standard and an array of restaurants offering local cuisine. 

Africa / Gambia / Photo by hnijssen on Pixabay

Travellers who would like to take a breath away from the crowded resorts should visit Gunjur. Even though you won't be welcomed by a plethora of attractions here, you can expect a small market, a restaurant, and a few shops. Only 3 km way, you'll find the beautiful Gunjur Beach. 

If you would like to watch wild animals in their natural habitat, you should definitely opt for a cruise down the Gambia River. In its vicinity, you'll spot monkeys, crocodiles, hippopotamuses, and a few other animal species. An equally great option will be a visit in the Abuka Nature Reserve, the oldest protected area in Gambia that is inhabited by almost 300 bird species. 

Gambia: car rental

The most popular modes of transport in Gambia are river and road transport. Residents and tourists can travel by buses, minibuses, and taxis. There's also a possibility to rent a car at one of the local car rental companies. If you are planning on travelling outside the main cities, choose a 4x4 off-road vehicle - in Gambia, there are plenty of roads without asphalt surface so an off-road car will be a great convenience.

Africa / Gambia / Serekunda / Photo by IsaacTuray on Pixabay

Remember that you should stay extra watchful while travelling around the country - you'll often come across people and animals crossing the street or sauntering along it. In the event of a police check, you can be asked to show your international driver's licence and liability insurance so you should always carry these documents when moving around Gambia. It's also worth mentioning that Gambia follows right-hand traffic. 

Facts for safer driving in The Gambia

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