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Somalia: nature at its best

In Somalia, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to contemplate nature, participate in safari trips, and learn more on its turbulent past, which is mostly associated with the notions of civil war and pirates. Even though it’s not a typical holiday destination, the place will enchant you with stunning landscapes, beautiful colours, and an array of thrilling outdoor activities.

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Somalia Road Trip Somalia Road Trip

Somalia Road Trip

Africa - Somalia
4,475 km 33 km/h 19 days roadtrip

Somalia : Road Trip highlights

A trip to Somalia wouldn’t be complete without a visit in the country’s capital, Mogadishu. Even though it’s not a typical metropolis, the city will welcome you with a number of highlights and entertainment places. Due to its location on the coast, you can spend a whole day by the water.

Mogadishu will be also a perfect spot to embark on a trip along the country’s stunning coastline, with such places as Hobyo or Jamaame. The capital will be additionally a great starting point for the exploration of such settlements as Baydhabo, Jalalaqsi, or Buur Gaabo.

Northern Somalia will welcome travellers with plenty of interesting landmarks and natural jewels, especially in the Somalian countryside. To explore this region to the fullest, it’s best to travel to such smaller settlements as Qardho, Ufeyn, Boosaaso, or Burco.

The fans of spending their holidays close to nature should definitely direct their steps to the Hargeisa National Park, located in the western part of the country. You can also check out the Jilib National Park, which can be found in Central Somalia. 

Somalia: car rental

While travelling around Somalia, there exist a number of travelling possibilities. You can explore the country in a rented car or simply use the public transport which mainly relies on buses. However, if you choose travelling by car, it’s best to opt for a 4x4 off-road vehicle that will make your trip around this country slightly less cumbersome and more pleasant. 

When moving in a hired car around Somalia, you should stay extra watchful due to the fact that native motorists act in a very unpredictable way on the road, and there are plenty of places where stray livestock and wild animals can enter the road.

When it comes to refuelling your vehicle, it’s smart to carry a spare canister just in case you run out of petrol during a long trip. While travelling around local roads, you can come across frequent militia checkpoints where you’ll be asked to show required documents.

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