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Djibouti: country of scenic landscapes

Djibouti is a small inconspicuous country located in Eastern Africa that doesn't rank among the top-rated and popular holiday destinations. You won't find here landmarks or a well-developed tourist infrastructure - the country's biggest highlights are the beautiful and breathtaking landscapes and pristine nature. The diversity of landforms is also worth the attention - within the area of around 24,000 km2, you'll find sea, fault-block mountains, and even desert zones. 

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Djibouti Road Trip Djibouti Road Trip

Djibouti Road Trip

Africa - Djibouti
892 km 46 km/h 12 days roadtrip

Djibouti : Road Trip Highlights

Interestingly, Djibouti has a capital of the same name. The city is located in the eastern part of the country, near the Gulf of Tadjoura. One of the biggest highlights of this place is Marche Central, which is the central market where you'll find fresh vegetables, fruit, clothes, and various souvenirs. The characteristic element of Djibouti is the minaret of the city's oldest mosque - Hamoudi Mosque. 

If you want to soak up the real beauty of Djibouti, you should definitely head for a trip along the coast. An ideal destination place will be Tadjoura, famous for scenic beaches and whitened houses. While in the town, it's also worth directing your steps to the waterfront where you'll find a number of stores and small restaurants. To the north of Tadjoura, you'll find the scenic Goda Mountains. 

The largest attraction of Djibouti is Lake Assal, one of the most salty lakes in the world located around 100 km from the capital. Interestingly, the water level is located at an altitude of 153 metres below sea level which makes it the lowest point of the entire African continent. After reaching the place, you should definitely take a long walk along its shore - the scenery will surely impress you. 

Another place on Djibouti's map that is worth your attention is the Forêt du Day National Park located in the region of Tadjoura. Its small area incorporates almost all forests in the country and is home to various species of animals, including baboons, warthogs, klipspringers, and leopards. 

Djibouti: car rental

Djibouti offers a wide choice when it comes to transport means; however, you won't reach all points of interest on your map by taking a minibus or a taxi. Thus, it's worth considering renting a car, for example, at the Djibouti Airport. The best choice will be a 4x4 off-road vehicle which will guarantee you a smooth travelling experience on gravel roads. Avoid travelling at night, especially between the cities - both the roads and the vehicles belonging to native motorists aren't properly lit. An additional problem may be wild animals that often casually cross the roads. 

Remember that during your trip around Djibouti, you need to carry the required documents with you - although police checks aren't too frequent, you can be asked to show your driver's licence or ID at any time. It's also worth mentioning that Djibouti follows right-hand traffic. 

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