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Chad: a culturally rich country

Chad is a country characterised by rich culture that, unfortunately, has not been spared by the history. Tourism is not the pillar of industry here and it shouldn't come as any surprise - tourists are rather reluctant to visit the country owing to the continuous internal conflicts. However, it doesn't mean that the country lacks potential. It's the other way round - its indisputable assets are the interesting landscapes, diverse topography, and pristine nature. 

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Chad : Road Trip Highlights

Its main cultural, political, and industrial hub is, of course, the capital - N'Djamena. Here, you'll find the seat of the President, the Cabinet, and the National Assembly. The city can't really boast too many highlights. Among the most notable ones, you'll find the Chad National Museum, the Chad Cathedral, and the Grand Mosque visible from many parts of N'Djamena. In its vicinity, there are the fascinating Tibesti Mountains; however, travelling there is rather a dangerous undertaking. In the nearby towns, you can come across the members of Toubou Tribe who aren't too welcoming towards tourists and people from abroad. 

Africa / Desert / Photo by leonbasson on Pixabay

The greatest attraction of Chad is surely the Zakouma National Park. The area is home to numerous animal species, including gazelles, elephants, giraffes, and ostriches, and will be an ideal choice for the lovers of wilderness. While sightseeing around Chad, it's also worth reaching Fada, which is famous for its beautiful rock formations. Interestingly, nearby, you'll find one of the largest water reservoirs in the Sahara Desert - Guelta d'Archei - and an impact crater, Gweni-Fada, which is around 345 million years old. It's also worth adding, that you can find two highlights that are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Chad. These include Lake Ouniaga and the Ennedi Complex. 

Chad: car rental

Travelling around Chad is not an easy task at all - mostly because public transport is poorly developed in this part of the continent. One of the available options is, of course, car rental; however, you need to take into consideration the fact that road infrastructure in this country leaves much to be desired. There are mostly gravel roads, and poor lighting and scarce road signs pose an additional problem. However, if you opt for a visit in a car rental company, choose a 4x4 off-road vehicle which will help you to move between the selected points of interest. 

Africa / Road / Photo by julielines on Pixabay

While travelling around Chad in a vehicle, it's worth staying extra cautious. Try to avoid travelling at night and around less frequented places. However, if you want to explore the country beyond its capital, try driving in a convoy (accompanied by a few other vehicles). When planning a longer stay, it's also worth equipping yourself with a supply of fuel, as you'll probably face some problems when trying to find a petrol station. Remember, that Chad follows right-hand traffic. 

Facts for safer driving in Chad

drink drive limit
max speed urban
37 mph
max speed rural
62 mph
max speed highway
62 mph
headlights at daytime
fire extinguisher
seat belts
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