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Zimbabwe: a topographical patchwork

Zimbabwe is considered one of the most diverse African countries. Its beautiful natural jewels range from green mountains to majestic boulders, msasa trees, lush forests, blue rivers, and intriguing cities. In the national parks of Zimbabwe, you’ll be able to spot the Big Five: rhino, lion, leopard, buffalo, and elephant. Zimbabwe is a guarantee of quality time spent close to Mother Nature. 

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Zimbabwe: Road Trip highlights

One of the most well-known Zimbabwe’s landmarks that the country shares with the neighbouring Zambia is Victoria Falls. It lures thousands of nature fans each year. The most breathtaking view is the stunning rainbow created right above the water surface. The sound of cascading water will calm your nerves and soothe your soul.

For more natural wonders travel to one of its national parks. A great example of this type of attraction is the Hwange National Park offering a great insight into country’s diverse flora and fauna. Take a trip around the lush forests and arid areas to soak up the beauty of African nature.

Among the most interesting cities that can be found in Zimbabwe, you’ll find Harare and Bulawayo. Both offer a number of cultural attractions, lively bars, and top-notch dining spots that will allow you to enjoy local cuisine. What’s more, at Great Zimbabwe, situated between these two urbanised settlements, you’ll find the magnificent late Iron Age stone remnants that will satisfy even the most demanding fans of archaeology.

Zimbabwe: car rental

Zimbabwe offers a few opportunities for travellers who opt for public transport. There is even a network of “luxury” buses that operates in accordance with a fixed timetable. Major cities, such as Mutare, Harare, and Bulawayo are connected with rail. However, holidaymakers who would like to stay independent throughout their stay in Zimbabwe should definitely choose a rental car. Rental vehicles can be found at international airports and in major towns. The minimum driving age in Zimbabwe ranges from 23 to 25 depending on the car rental company. The maximum age is 65.

It is possible to use your driver’s licence for moving around Zimbabwe if you are planning to stay for a period shorter than 90 days. At all times, you should carry your ID, passport, and visa. You’ll be asked to show these documents during a routine police control. Carrying an International Driving Permit will spare you the inconvenience of paying a bribe to the local police.

Remember that it’s a serious offence to continue driving when you’re passed by the President’s motorcade. Whenever you see it in the distance, you should immediately pull off the road or move onto the other side of the street. 

Due to the fact that traffic accidents are a common phenomenon in Zimbabwe, it’s important to stay vigilant and summon up some patience. Avoid travelling at night as the roads are poorly lit and unmarked. Stray livestock also causes a major problem when it comes to travelling in Zimbabwe. Plan ahead as petrol station are a rarity here. It’s advisable to carry a spare fuel canister.

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